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IMA truck01Truck and Cargo Salvage Solutions (Pty) Ltd provides independent dedicated one-stop truck and cargo salvage solutions to Insurers, Cargo Owners and Transporters. We provide clean, neat and secure storage for distressed trucks and cargo. We provide neutral ground for investigations, assessments and repair quotations. We dispose of written-off vehicles and distressed cargo on behalf of Insurers, Cargo Owners and Transporters. Our main premises are in Cape Town and in Johannesburg.


There are a few reasons why trucks may be written off and become salvage but the most common reason is that the truck was damaged by an accident to such an extend that it is beyond economical repair and then considered to be a constructive total loss. It could also be that the truck was stolen or hijacked and then later recovered. However, a constructive total loss does not mean that the vehicle will never run again or that it can't be used for parts and spares. It only means that for the insurance company the repair cost exceeded their maximum repair cost threshold.  
Cargo normally becomes salvage where it is damaged or compromised to such an extent that it is no longer fit for its original intends and purposes. Most such cargo however still retains much value for different uses, intends and purposes.

Truck and Cargo Salvage Solutions is open to potential buyers and sellers countrywide, allowing them to place offers on salvage trucks and cargo or for us to sell salvage on their behalf. Our website is a listing service where anyone can see salvage trucks and cargo available on live auction. Only registered users can place a bid directly on the auction items. Items on auction are live for 7 days, after which the successful bidder will be notified.




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