Why should you choose Us?

1. We are a one-stop salvage solution for trucks and cargo
2. We handle all salvage arrangements so clients can focus on their business
3. We act independently and are not affiliated to any insurer or service provider
4. Our premises are neutral ground for all service providers
5. Assets are safe and secure and trademarks and brands will be protected at all times
6. Assessments are centralized
7. On-site Truck assessor in JHB and in CT respectively
8. Our premises are presentable, neat and clean
9. Clients and service providers are welcome on our premises at any time
10. Clients and service providers have the use of both facilities [JHB & CPT (future expansions possible)]
11. Service providers can advertise our service as an added service delivery [benefits] to their clients
12. We dispose of any rejected salvage in a safe and environmentally friendly manner
13. Cost saving to all insurers where there is “dual” interests
14. Clients can co-brand the premises with their branding [logo]
15. Salvage will be sold at best ?
16. Average cost of claims will be reduced
17. All processes are transparent and open to audit and scrutiny
18. Opportunity for fraud and backhanders are reduced
19. Salvage values can be determined where salvage is not released for sale
20. No storage or release fees
21. As we sell the salvage, there is no risk to cargo owners or insurers
22. Improved service offering and customer satisfaction
23. Decrease in operational expenses and admin costs
24. Quicker claim settlement time
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