Our Services



  • Trucks and Cargo can be received at premises 24/7/365
  • On arrival a detailed set of photographs will be taken prior to and during offloading
  • All identifying registration, serial and VIN numbers will be recorded
  • Where keys are available and where possible, a straight dip measure will be taken of the fuel tanks
  • Keys are removed and kept in safety locker
  • Personal items are removed, bagged, marked and kept in safety locker
  • We will provide forklifts and labour to offload and reload cargo where required
  • Cargo will be sorted and counted. A detailed inventory of the vehicle and equipment will be compiled
  • A full tally and set of photographs of the salvaged cargo will be provided to customer within 24 hours of receipt
  • Unaffected cargo will be separated from distressed cargo
  • Where required, we will arrange return of on-board cargo to owners
  • Where the inside of the cab is exposed to the elements, we will cover same with tarpaulins or park the vehicle indoors as space allows
  • Salvageable cargo will be cleaned, refurbished, repacked and palletized/strapped at best where possible in anticipation of re-delivery or inspection by cargo owners or for sale as salvage at best as might be applicable
  • Cargo will be kept within our warehouses protected from the elements
  • Where required, we will arrange forwarding or return of recovered salvage to cargo owners or any other party as might be required.
  • Where required we will arrange collection or delivery of the truck and or trailers to service providers or anywhere else as might be required
  • We can arrange collection and delivery of any salvage.
  • We can provide limited cold storage and can find offsite cold storage if required



  • Where the truck and or trailers are a write-off, we can sell the salvage at best on behalf of the insurers, cargo owners or transporter.
  • The selling of salvage will be done via Tender, Auction or “out-of-hand” as the case may require
  • Salvage is offered and targeted to specific end-users and not just the traditional salvage dealers
  • We will engage with potential salvage buyers via digital and print media. Salvage will be advertised on our website and Facebook pages
  • Customers will be provided with a list of all bids, offers and tenders received and final sale [or disposal] will be authorized by the customer.


  •  Cargo will not be disposed of without prior authorisation from the customer
  • Cargo beyond any salvage value will be documented, photographed and disposed of into on-site skips for safe disposal
  • Where required, all trademarks and branding will be removed or defaced as required prior to any disposal
  • Where required, destruction under supervision with a 'safe disposal certificate' will be arranged via a recognised safe disposal company.
  • We will assist with off-site disposal of salvage where it might not be economically viable to transport the salvage to any of our facilities
  • Any rejected salvage will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way
  • Paper, steel, plastic and glass will be separated and recycled where possible



Where vehicles are received at our premises, we will prepare the vehicles and cargo for assessment, investigation, quotations and further action as might be required by the customer to ensure that:

  • Tampering of trucks in preparation of assessments and investigations does not happen
  • Tyres and brakes are not tampered with
  • Registration/manufacturer's plates are not removed or tampered with
  • New tyres are not swopped with old tyres in anticipation of a write-off
  • General roadworthy defects are not corrected before an assessment or investigation

Assessment, Investigation and Inspection Details:

  • We will prepare the vehicle for assessment and quoting by ensuring it is lifted and placed on stands to enable the undercarriage to be inspected
  • We will provide sliding backboards and lead lights for assessors and repairers