Terms and Conditions


1. All items are sold as-is [Voetstoots] with no implied or otherwise guarantee of conditions, make, model, quantity or status.
2. All items are sold with liabilities attaching to the item passing to the buyer on awarding the bid to the buyer.
3. All payments, including the full purchase price, VAT and commissions are due within 48 hours of the bid having been awarded to the buyer.
4. Where applicable, the buyer will at his/her own cost be responsible for collecting the Natis documents and change of ownership documentation from the seller.
5. Once the bid has been awarded, the buyer will be responsible for all storage and release fees from date of such award as might be applicable.
6. The buyer will be responsible and liable for removal of the item from its location at his/her own cost.
7. All items bought must be collected within seven days from date of payment failing which a storage and release fee of R250.00 plus 15% VAT per day will be charged.
8. All items bought will only be released once full payment has cleared in the sellers account.